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5th grant competition for financing education, science, research and support projects of SMBs announced

5th grant competition for financing education, science, research and support projects of SMBs announced

In accordance with the "Procedure for financing educational, scientific, research and support projects related to the development of micro, small and medium business" approved by the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of KOBİA dated September 30, 2020, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) announces the 5th grant competition for financing projects in the fields of education, science, research and support.



- Legal or natural persons engaged in micro, small and medium business can participate in the competition;

- Projects must fall under one of the disciplines  of education, science, research and support;

- Each person is entitled to submit only 1 project proposal within the competition;

- The project execution  duration should be between 3 - 12 months;

- Projects fully funded by other institutions, in progress or completed projects cannot be separately or re-funded by the Agency;

- Documents required to participate in the competition should be submitted in full;

- It should be noted that scope of   work  laid down within the project should commence from 01.06.2024;

- Projects submitted to the competition must be in Azerbaijani language.


Size of allocated funds: The value of the amount of funding for each project is estimated at 20,000 (twenty thousand) manats.


Acceptance of project documents: March 4 2024, from 09:00 to April 2, 2024, 18:00 (Note: Project documents submitted before or after the specified time will not be accepted).


Competition period: April 4, 2024 - May 14, 2024.


SMBs interested in participating in the competition are encouraged to directly apply to the Agency with the following documents from 09:00 on March 4 2024 to 18:00 on April 2, 2024 in electronic form ( or an paper carriers: ("Baku SMB House", block 1969, 38C/Ziya Bunyadov, Baku):


- Application form;

- Project submitted to the competition;

- Budget financial feasibility study   of the project;

- Information about the executors of the project;

- Copies of documents confirming the identity and powers of a natural person who is a SMB entity, or a representative of a legal entity;

- If the applicant is a legal entity, copies of the extract from the state register of legal entities and the charter.


Note: You can download the relevant documents from the following link:


Information about the results of the competition will be posted on the official website of KOBİA after May 15, 2024.

Field of education:

- preparation of teaching-methodical educational materials;

- preparation and organization of various seminars, conferences, training, training and practical internship programs, as well as providing teaching, consulting and educational support;

- organization of events and knowledge transfer for the promotion of entrepreneurship among entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, persons with disabilities and young people;

- engagement of SMBs in the educational process in higher education and vocational education institutions;

- preparation of joint projects with educational institutions aimed at training and improving qualified personnel to meet the needs of SMBs.


Field of science:

- improving the performance of SMBs through the application of innovative science projects; 

- consolidating the activities of SMBs as a result of joint cooperation with legal and natural persons engaged in scientific activities, their public associations, as well as stakeholders in scientific work;

- projects covering scientific works reflecting activities for the development of micro, small and medium entrepreneurship;

- improving the interaction of SMBs with industrial and technology parks, technological transfer centers, business incubators and similar enterprises;

- organizing and holding national, regional and international scientific conferences, workshops, seminars and other events in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which are of particular importance for the development of micro, small and medium entrepreneurship, as well as supporting involvement in scientific events abroad.

Field of research:

- conducting research studies reflecting the innovative development of SMBs;

- conducting research studies in the field of production by SMBs and applying the results;

- organizing and holding trainings and seminars to encourage stakeholder involvement in the field of research aimed at developing micro, small and medium entrepreneurship;

- projects aimed at developing micro, small and medium entrepreneurship, as well as SMBs, boosting their production and expanding their activities;

- projects carried out to study and research the means or characteristics affecting the production activities of SMBs;

- enhancing the effectiveness of the interaction of research and production areas, strengthening cooperation with educational institutions in the field of research.

Field of support:

- study of international experience, organization of audit, documentation, purchase of patents, management and logistics services;

- support for the organization of laboratory services aimed at conducting analysis and testing products of SMBs;

- support for participation in national and international events to reinforce the capacity of personnel in the activities of SMBs;

- support for SMBs exporting non-petroleum products for the first time to support the access of manufactured products to foreign markets in documentation and obtaining the required certificates;

- support for registration of start-ups promoting innovative entrepreneurship, sales of manufacturing products (services), patenting and promotion in international markets;

- support for SMBs to benefit from high-tech and innovative solutions, apply relevant technologies in their activities and, if necessary, assign experts to those SMBs.

For more information: (+994 12) Call Center: 404 04 01, 131.

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